Douglas Forbes is alive, well and operating in full force. Please disregard falsely published articles you may find on alternative sources.


The Human Pin Code is a numerical formula which can be used to decipher the unique personality and processing styles that were imprinted in you on the day of your birth. By applying the principles of Sacred Geometry, physics, biogenetics, biomathematics, psychology and sociology to a persons date of birth, Douglas Forbes has provided us with an analytical tool that can be used to guide a person through the journey of life

The Pin Code is developed by Douglas Forbes – the use of the present tense here is deliberate as it is constantly evolving as Douglas and his team makes new observations, and discover more astonishing synchronizations within the scientific formula. It is an exact science, used by individuals around the globe in order to better understand themselves and the people with whom they live and work.

The Human Pin Code takes us beyond both numerology and astrology, offering a more precise evaluation on several levels and through the natural cycles of life.  Read more here…