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Certified Practitioners

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Message from Douglas Forbes

Since my creation of the Human Pin Code formulae, its application has spread widely. This book has been written for readers to gain a basic understanding of how the formulae are used and can be applied. The book teaches you to apply the formulae and to do a basic analysis. It’s simple enough for you to then practice using the formulae on your own birth date and those of your family and friends.

To ensure the integrity of the Human Pin Code and to encourage the precise application of the formulae, I have established a certification course for people who are interested in using the Human Pin Code to provide professional analyses and readings for others.

I strongly encourage anyone interested in obtaining a professional analysis or reading, or in attending classes or workshops, to approach a certified Human Pin Code practitioner as I cannot provide any guarantees regarding the accuracy of information provided by practitioners who have not been certified.

This is a technique that we can all use in our daily lives. I strongly believe the offering of certification courses ensures it is used and applied accurately.



Certified Practitioners

A certified practitioner will have been sufficiently trained (see how) to interpret accurately the Human Pin Code formulae and theories. They will be able to describe a person’s personality and show what choices the person has which can limit or enhance their behaviour. This will enable them to know themselves more fully and appreciate the depth and breadth of their abilities to explore life and cope with its experiences.

A certified practitioner is not qualified to give advice of therapeutic nature, which means the type of advice usually given by a counsellor, psychologist, social worker or psychiatrist or other similarly qualified person.

Certified Practitioners

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How to become a certified practitioner

First you must attend a workshop. Once you have completed this successfully you can apply for certification. This is an easy four step process:

1. You apply for the certification.

2. Once accepted you will undertake 200 case study analyses on your friends and families and submit these to Douglas Forbes. They must be submitted in a simple format, which will be supplied to you on acceptance of your certification application.

3. You will undertake a face-to-face interview with Douglas Forbes to do Human Pin Code analyses for him. This is important to be sure you have a full grasp of the formulae and theories of the Human Pin Code. You will have needed to do the 200 case studies to be sure of your work.

4. You will undertake a Human Pin Code analyses interview with a qualified therapist to be sure you have appropriate counseling skills to undertake one on one interviews with people.

Once you have passed these steps you will be awarded a Human Pin Code certified practitioner’s licence.

How much does the certification process cost?

On application for certification you will pay R1,500 (plus VAT if applicable). This covers the analyses that have to done to your case studies, the interviews with Douglas Forbes and the qualified therapist and all administration relating to the certification.

How much does it cost to have a valid Human Pin Code certified practitioner’s licence?

To validate your licence a monthly payment (including VAT if applicable) must be paid to Douglas Forbes’ administration office for the commercial use of his Human Pin Code formulae and theories. This licence fee is reviewed twice a year, and is payable 6 months in advance.

For this fee you will be listed on the website as a certified practitioner, you will receive updates from Douglas Forbes on the formulae and theories as they come to hand and you will be able to sell Human Pin Code books to your clients.

What are the details of the Human Pin Code certified practitioner’s licence?

Click here to read the licence details.