The Student Becomes The Thief

A previous student of Douglas Forbes has recently moved to Cape Town in order to start a “Practice” by means of the knowledge, information and tools obtained (taken without consent) from Douglas Forbes. Luckily enough this was quickly put to a stop. The so called grasshopper then decided to relocate once again, this time to Switzerland. Below is an email received from a dear client showing their concern and support in the matter.

Hi Douglas,

Ahain long Email sorry… 🙇🏻‍♀️

For a Person living in Switzerland i can defenetly say that we cant understand what Workshop he gives. Maybe i dont understand english nor anything! He speak 51 minuts arround a subject with 5 👍🏻 thumbs up rated. I didnt listen to all i dont have patient when they talking arround a subject.

If i say to anyone here: ill teach you to have more time for your privat life and you‘ll have a good Life-Work Balance…you know what comes first to mind? Ou shit again a Guy want to sell Health Shakes or a Snowball System or Life Insurance Contract seller.

He posted a blurried Content Page of his workshop book ( even its blurried a lot of Human Pincode is in that content).

Just an overview what makes him not able to work in this field here.

1. No German Language Skills
2. Where he lives is what we call far from gar
3. To Practice as Thai Chi or Healer…no one come to you unless you are certified from the Gouverment or Insurance or you are the Founder of Thai Chi… These Health related alternatif services is covered from our Health İnsurance 70-80% of the lessons price, as long the healer is certified and recognized plus made 6500 houers Medical Basic School lessons.
So why pay to him 100% if i can get it for close to be for free.

4. Who gonna pay to him 7900.-$ for a Workshop or even 500$?
We can study in Universitys for an annual fee of 600.- francs. No one spend here Money without knowing that there is an official recognized certificate and useful for work and their plan for futur. Here people plan their carreer, lifestyle, money, years in advance. To change suddenly the plan or job is rare to found. Unless you are yasemin the gipsy 💃🏻.Iam not a good sample for how people do things here. 😁

5.He published discount on his workshop. I could understand if he made Discounts on any Material like Books, Shirts… but not on Knowledge/Workshops…who trust him then? What about those “in case there are” paid him allready the amount without discount?

6. He add your Name on his Webside and Bruce Lipton, CGJ etc. lets say someone did get what he teach and is interessted, he go to read and investigate first on his webside. Your Name appears directly….for sure they google!
So why get from this Guy a lesson, instead of having it from the Creator it self? 🤷🏻‍♀️
At least they buy first your book and Bruce‘s book.

7. He came here by marrying a Swiss Woman what is written on his ID Card posted on Facebook. “Family Reunion” He lives in a small Apartment with or without her… i dont know but there is (in my Opinon) no Money. He add on Facebook Home and Office…

8. Even if the Wife is so rich and pays him all….for how long? If she is rich…she would live in Babylon 😂 to safe taxes or a bit closer to Babylon like Zürich. İn one post i saw he moved again and claiming that he is not married.

Then i realised another thing on his page. Words like High performance, the maximum, succsessful, superhuman….these Topics will very soon be out ciao bello….
A specially Mothers will very soon wake up and get enought from that and understand to use potential to support each ecosystem of Children in the intension to reach Harmony.
I dont know how it is in other places arround the world. Here right now this way of thinking have reached the peak point after several Years.

These strong pushy, forced words can make anyone feel to be not enought. İts deep brandmarked in swiss style of living. All time to be activ, focused, healthy food, hiking, climbing, holidays, anti coke, burnout, shopping with prepared lists, calendars, timing, carreer, vitamins, check ups, fitness, courses, ride a bike befor you can walk…all pressure, robots, former patients for ADDH, hyperactiv and burnout syndrom, feeling of guilty to not doing anything, or having a boring Day or just to feel tierd.

He posted something like: everyone should eat
what is good for himself and not what we were programmed to or what others think might be good. Yes absolutly good opinion!

Few Posts later he add a pic and comment of his Breakfast two bags Biological Shakes with Bananas and he is like going to do Yoga with his Girlfriend…..Oh common man….

I know i sound now gossip likely… its my opinion, on his open for the public post.

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