The Science

[Copyright © Douglas Forbes. All rights reserved.The information provided in this article is based on the book Blu Genes by Douglas Forbes, upon which the Human Pin Code is based. This information is protected by copyright worldwide, and may not be reproduced under any circumstances.]

In my theory of atomic structure, I will share with you some information. We need to understand the size, the construction and behaviour of one single hydrogen atom. This is what my work has been about. I believe I have unlocked the keys to this secret. It has opened a new dimension to the source of life concerning energy and gravity.

First I had to separate time and space, then it was possible to go to into a ‘black hole’ and see what happens ‘on the other side’. In this process, I had to map the exact proportion, speed, and number of revolutions the electron would circumnavigate the nucleus. Then imagine this whole process could be ‘photographed’ revolution by revolution, each movement or ‘frame’ would need to be calculated, the dimensions recorded, data captured and then proved. Thus I discovered that the electron moves in a spiral trajectory, and not round and round as first thought.

If you can accept this process, imagine as we accelerated the process to the speed of light. The electron would be ‘spinning’. This movement would have a cause and effect upon the atoms around it. There would be a vibration and an explosion as it reached its conclusion; the centripetal and centrifugal forces being stressed and resulting in a big bang: energy.

This release of energy is recorded as a vibration, or disturbance if you wish. The energy released is recorded as a resonance if the process keeps on and on. Look at it as if it was a single note of music. This can be recorded as a frequency, converted into electromagnetic fields, expressed in refracted light, proving the existence of atomic construction, and angles!

The fact of the matter is, the human body comprises approximately one thousand million, million, million, million, million atoms, all performing their task, pressured by the force of the universe, pulsating, in turn, creating a resonance at every dimension, or level.

This resonance from the human body can actually be measured, and has been measured at nine hertz. There has been no scientific explanation up until now, why. There are many theories, but we do know the human body resonates at nine hertz.

What I have done, is to interpret this synchronised energy of the atoms created by the big bangs, pulsating away, into a language of numbers. There are of course formulae, and theories, and proof, displayed in the heavens for all to see. These laws are based on nature, how nature behaves, acts and resonates. It is the most wonderful feeling to experience when you understand how this works. It is all before our eyes, yet we do not see it, all because we do not understand the basic principles of physics.

So, all of the planets, solar systems, galaxies, universes, are designed exactly to the same principle, one within the other, one reflecting the other. We resonate within our pin code, with each other, with nature, with rocks, with trees, with mountains, with the sea, with all of nature, we are a symphony of mother nature, and not a word spoken, just the melody of the universe. Like the tuning fork of the piano, when you strike it, it resonates at a pitch, and then ‘fades’ as the energy dissipates.

As humans, we have learnt to ‘feed’ the energy, food, water. Without water, we would only live for about a maximum of 8 days, then die. The body comprises 70% water, H2O. The blood regenerates every 8 days. The body is really a unique ecosystem, that has developed its senses to survive, and procreate, to ensure the survival of the species. Kissing is part of the process to tell us if the other person is suitable, for the gene pool to continue. Hormones are at their highest activity once a month, needing to procreate, and so changes our behaviour towards others. The Human Pin Code shows us who are the best for this purpose. There are caretakers, nurturers, dominants, workers, hunters, teachers, even party makers and entertainers, all part of the scheme to help us process to the best of our Human Pin Code, hence the processing style. What a mistake we have made, putting new born children into pink or blue boxes.

The resonance from one to the other, called chemistry, dictates what agrees or disagrees with our unique resonance. It tells us to be cautious, to blend, to harmonise, and we do not even have to speak to feel it. What a pity that humankind has lost its touch with the resonance. But I believe we are about to rediscover it, enjoy it, and understand it.

Work with it, trust only the process of nature; it will touch you if you let it. The feeling of freedom and liberation, the oneness with the universe, the microcosm of the macrocosm, all working in perfect synchronicity.

So we have come on a journey, from the source of life, worlds within worlds, time within space, and space for time. One hour has passed at the universe level, 15.5 billion years have passed in our solar system. To understand this, we have to split time and space, yet the resonance will remain true at each level, 9 hertz. The Human Pin Code follows this principle, from dimension to dimension, the common denominator to all of creation, from one single hydrogen atom, to the entire universe.

Then you understand why certain places can impact upon you, knowing that once, you were from the very fabric of atomic structure that has always been there, and will always be there, until it is time for our solar system to play its part in the bigger scheme of things, and contributes its share of energy to secure our place in space, and we do it all again, in 15.5 billion years’ time. The integrity of the universe is perfect, and we all play our part, the atom, the earth, the solar system, the Sun, the galaxy, the universe.

Douglas Forbes